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* 1.Fixed can remote frame bug.HEADmasterzhangguoqing2019-08-053-3/+8
* 1.Fixed net phy scan and ifparam.ini configuration mac addr bug.zhangguoqing2019-01-224-11/+102
* Adjust SD card configuration.Jiaojinxing2018-08-235-0/+20
* Fixed sd card mount error.Jiaojinxing2018-08-231-1/+1
* Added network QoS init.Jiaojinxing2018-08-131-3/+3
* Changed netdev_linkup_poll_add to netdev_linkup_wd_add.Jiaojinxing2018-02-021-2/+2
* Update GPIO driver version.Jiaojinxing2018-01-242-1/+3
* Added snmp init.Jiaojinxing2018-01-161-0/+1
* Fixed uart baud rate calc bug.Jiaojinxing2017-12-151-2/+11
* Fixed sdcard mount wait bug.Jiaojinxing2017-09-201-4/+14
* Removed macro BIT(x) definition.Jiaojinxing2017-09-1910-40/+13
* Update standard directory initialize and executes.Jiaojinxing2017-09-191-153/+24
* Updated net card driver.Jiaojinxing2016-12-137-280/+35
* Updated i2c driver.Jiaojinxing2016-12-123-173/+149
* Updated
* Updated net card driver.Jiaojinxing2016-12-0930-730/+1116
* Fixed audio driver bug.Jiaojinxing2016-11-111-0/+4
* Fixed audio driver and link script file bug.Jiaojinxing2016-10-207-102/+217
* Fixed audio driver bug and updated Makefiles.Jiaojinxing2016-10-2022-678/+1817
* Updated linker script file.Jiaojinxing2016-06-0622-205/+470
* Add bsp interrupt priority and target cpu setting support.Hanhui2016-05-281-0/+65
* Fixed beaglebone config.h template.Hanhui2016-05-251-1/+1
* Update bspMap.h to compatible with the SylixOS version 1.3.1.Hanhui2016-05-259-496/+305
* Fixed audio driver bug.Jiaojinxing2016-05-103-7/+12
* Fixed cpsw netif driver dual net port bug.Jiaojinxing2016-04-291-20/+24
* Updated cpswif.c code format.Jiaojinxing2016-04-221-8/+8
* Fixed audio driver bug.Jiaojinxing2016-04-2226-13004/+13318
* Ethernet driver support VLAN forward.Hanhui2015-12-181-1/+6
* Updated Makefile.Jiaojinxing2015-12-061-1/+1
* Fixed SDIO driver bug.Jiaojinxing2015-12-066-47/+82
* Fixed cpsw driver link speed bug.Jiaojinxing2015-09-212-3/+10
* Add net interface parameter config file read.Jiaojinxing2015-09-204-26/+91
* Add update SylixOS image manual in U-Boot.txt.Hanhui2015-09-121-0/+10
* Merge branch 'master' of
| * Added function bspTickHighResolution to system symbol table.Jiaojinxing2015-07-202-0/+4
| * Fixed beaglebone bug.Jiaojinxing2015-06-161-3/+27
| * Fixed I2C driver bug.Jiaojinxing2015-06-051-26/+4
| * Added usb kernel modules and remove usblib.Jiaojinxing2015-05-2664-42237/+134
| * Fixed tsp65217 driver bug.Jiaojinxing2015-05-154-18/+71
| * Fixed voltage judgment bug.Jiaojinxing2015-05-131-0/+11
* | Fixed bsp int spell error.Hanhui2015-08-301-6/+6
* Update Makefile.Jiaojinxing2015-05-111-1/+0
* Add and update Makefile fix to RealCoder.Jiaojinxing2015-05-116-35/+61
* Adjusted the directory structure.Jiaojinxing2015-05-079-36/+11
* Update RealCoder project file and SDIO driver.Jiaojinxing2015-05-0513-40/+109
* Added NETIO(Network Throughput Benchmark).Jiaojinxing2015-05-0420-25/+1854
* Optimized the CPSW driver.Jiaojinxing2015-04-294-8/+219
* Fixed CPSW driver BUG.Jiaojinxing2015-04-221-43/+16
* Improve the calculation accuracy of high resolution timing.Jiaojinxing2015-04-191-5/+5
* Compatible with new SylixOS.Jiaojinxing2015-04-193-38/+30